Vol. 3, No. 1 March 2003 Contents

Effect of the Preparation Conditions of a Pd/Si Dual Seedlayer on the Magnetic Properties of Co/Pd Multilayered Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media
J. Kawaji, T. Asahi, H. Hashimoto, T. Osaka, and K. Asami……1

Influence of Sputtering Conditions for Co/Pd Multilayer on its Magnetic Properties and Crystalline Microstructure
J. Sayama, J. Kawaji, M. Tanaka, T. Asahi, S. Matsunuma, and T. Osaka……8

GMR Effect of Granular Fe50Pt50 – Ag Composite Films
Z. Zhang, K. Ka/subng, N. Omoto, and T. Suzuki……13

Soft Magnetic Materials with Bs = 2.4 T for a High-Performance Writer
S. Ikeda, I. Tagawa, T. Kubomiya, J. Kane, Y. Uehara, and T. Koshikawa……17

Flattop-Type Writer Using Soft Magnetic Films with High Resistivity
S. Ikeda, I. Tagawa, Y. Uehara, Y. Ohtsuka, H. Maeda, T. Sekikawa, M. Kakehi,
and M. Hasegawa……22

SP-SEM Observation of Magnetic Vortex States in Permalloy Disks
Y. Yamada, M. Nakamura, K. Sueoka, and K. Mukasa……26

Magnetization and Curie Temperature of As-deposited NiZn Ferrite Thin Films by Sputtering and Changes in Them by Heat Treatment
T. Tanaka…..30