Key Notes
Recent Research Activity towards Future Data Storage (Invited Review Paper)
T. E. Schlesinger……131

Magneto-Optical Readout Method
Double MAMMOS: 3-Dimensional MO Recording-3D-MO National Project- (Invited Paper)
A. Itoh, N. Ohta, T. Uchiyama, H. Awano, S. Imai, O. Ishizaki, M. Tani, N. Iketani, T. Mieda, A. Takahashi, K. Uchihara, M. Nakata, K. Tezuka, K. Nakagawa, and A. Tsukamoto……135

Study of Side-Wall-Annealing for High Density Recording on a Track-Wobbled DWDD Disc (Invited Paper)
T. Miki, G. Fujita, T. Sakamoto, Y. Tanaka, A. Kato, S. Imanishi, and Y. Akiyama……141

Quadri-Value MO Recording Layers for Double-MAMMOS Readout Method (Invited Paper)
K. Nakagawa and A. Itoh……146

Wall Structure and Energy on DWDD
A. Ohshima, K. Kusano, T. Kobayashi, Y. Fujiwara, S. Shiomi, and M. Kaneko……152

Test Read Method Using As-Deposited MAMMOS Media
S. Imai, H. Ido, M. Tani, H. Awano, O. Ishizaki, and N. Ota……156

Magneto-optical and Hybrid Recording
Prospects of Hybrid Recording Materials (Invited Review Paper)
N. Inaba, and N. Ota……160

Thermal Load in Sliders for Hybrid Recording (Invited Paper)
T. E. Schlesinger, E. J. Black, D. D. Stancil, and J. A. Bain……166

Simulation of Thermomagnetic Recording Process Using MFM Method: Effect of Field Gradient (Invited Paper)
T. Kato, M. Shimodaira, T. Koyama, S. Tsunashima, and S. Iwata……172

Effect of Thin Al Underlayer in Amorphous Magnetic Recording Media
J. Sato, K. Takayama, S. Miyanishi, H. Fuji, Y. Murakami, K. Kojima, and A. Takahashi……178

Theoretical Analysis of Critical Domain Size for Quadri-Value Recording Media
T. Fujii, K. Nakagawa, and A. Itoh……182

Magnetization Reversal beyond the Curie Temperature Considering the Curie-Weiss Law
S. Imai, M. Tani, H. Ido, H. Awano, N. Inaba, and N. Ota……186

Magnetic and Magneto-Optical Recording Materials
Magnetic Properties of FePt(001) Films with a Variety of Compositions Sputter-Deposited at Reduced Temperature (Invited Paper)
T. Seki, T. Shima, and K. Takanashi……190

High Density Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media of Granular-Type FePt/MgO/Fe-Ta-C Double Layers (Invited Paper)
Z. Zhang, J. Yin, A. K. Singh, A. Perumal, T. Suzuki, and H. Osawa……194

Recording Tiny Marks on a Magneto-Optical Medium with Micro-Columnar Structure
M. Murakami and M. Birukawa……200

Temperature-Dependent Magnetic Properties of Fe-Pt Nanoparticles
H. Sakuma, T. Taniyama, Y. Kitamoto, H. Nishio, H. Yamamoto, K. Ishii, and Y. Yamazaki……204

Magneto-Optical and Magnetic Properties of DySmCo/Cr Thin Films
F. Jin, Z. Y. Li, Z. X. Huang, X. Dan, Z. Li, X. H. Xu, X. M. Cheng, and G. Q. Lin……208

The Effect of FePt Thickness on Magneto-Optical Properties of Si3N4/FePt/Si3N4/Al Structure
H. Ryu, D. Suh, Y. Park, and M. C. Paek……211

Magnetic Characteristics of TbFeCo Fabricated on Isolated FePt Grains
Y. Itoh, A. Tsukamoto, K. Nakagawa, and A. Itoh……213

Magnetic and Magneto-Optical Properties of Fe3Pt Alloy Thin Films
M. A. I. Nahid and T. Suzuki……217

Fabrication and Magnetic Characterization of Embedded Permalloy Structures
T. Tezuka, T. Yamamoto, K. Machida, S. Shimizu, T. Ishibashi, Y. Morishita, A. Koukitu, and K. Sato……241

Nano-Fabrication and Patterned Media
EB Mastering Process for SIL Readout/Recording System (Invited Paper)
M. Furuki, M. Takeda, M. Yamamoto, K. Saito, M. Shinoda, T. Fujiki, Y. Aki, M. Koizumi, T. Miyokawa, and M. Muto……225

Formation of Ultra-High-Density Ferromagnetic Column Arrays Beyond 1 Tera/inch2 Using Porous Alumina Template (Invited Paper)
T. Shimizu, M. Nagayanagi, Y. Fujii, O. Yaegashi, G. R. Wu, H. Sakaue, T. Takahagi, O. Sakata, K. Kusaka, and S. Shingubara……231

3D Mold Fabrication Techniques Using an Inorganic Resist (Invited Paper)
J. Taniguchi, Y. Taguchi, Y. Sugiyama, S. Ono, and I. Miyamoto……235

Fabrication of FePt and Fe Particles by Ion Beam Induced CVD
Q. Y. Xu, Y. Kageyama, and T. Suzuki……221

Optical Head and Novel Recording Methods
Small Optical Flying Head Technologies Interfaced with Plastic Disks (Invited Paper)
S. Kim, S.-D. Jung, M. A. Chung, S.-J. Yoon, and D.-H. Choi……245

Design and Analysis of a Suspension for OFH in Small Form Factor ODD (Invited Paper)
E. J. Hong, W. S. Oh, N. C. Park, H. S. Yang, and Y. P. Park……249

Surface Plasmon Enhancement Effect and its Application to Near-Field Optical Recording (Invited Paper)
J. Fujikata, T. Ishi, H. Yokota, K. Kato, M. Yanagisawa, M. Nakada, K. Ishihara, K. Ohashi, T. Thio, and R. A. Linke……255

Multilayered Recording Media for Three-Dimensional Optical Memories (Invited Paper)
M. Nakano, C. Egami, and Y. Kawata……260

Miniaturized Integrated Optical Pickup for Mini Disc
M. Ogawa, T. Ueyama, T. Miyake, K. Hirano, T. Numata, K. Minami, Y. Nakata, and Y. Kurata……264

Magneto-Optical Effect and Measurement
Nonlinear Magneto-Optical Effects of Prussian Blue Analog-based Magnet (Invited Review Paper)
S. Ohkoshi, K. Ikeda, J. Shimura, and K. Hashimoto……266

Nonlinear-Optical Properties of Thin La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 Films and Dynamics of Photoinduced Phase Transition (Invited Paper)
E. Mishina, N. Sherstyuk, A. Sigov, T. Tamura, S. Nakabayashi, V. Moshnyaga, K. Samwer, L. Kulyuk, and Th. Rasing……272

Novel Magneto-Optical Microscope Using Optical Modulation Technique (Invited Paper)
T. Ishibashi, Z. Kuang, Y. Konishi, K. Akahane, X. R. Zhao, T. Hasegawa, and K. Sato……278

Characterization of Permalloy Wires by Optical and Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy
R. Antos, J. Mistrik, S. Visnovsky, M. Aoyama, T. Yamaguchi, and B. Hillebrands……282

Behavior of Large Faraday Rotation in Magnetophotonic Crystals with Single-Cavity Structures
H. Kato, T. Matsushita, A. Takayama, M. Egawa, H. Ichida, K. Nishimura, and M. Inoue……286

Optical Properties of Three-Dimensional Magnetophotonic Crystals Based on Artificial Opals
A. V. Baryshev, T. Kodama, K. Nishimura, H. Uchida, and M. Inoue……290

Interface Effects on Magneto-Optic Kerr and Reflectivity Spectra in Ultrathin Fe/Au and Fe/Ag Systems
J. G¬rondilová, M. Rickart, M. Veis, E. Lišková, K. Postava, Š. Višnovský, S. O. Demokritov, B. Hillebrands, J. Mistrík, and T. Yamaguchi……293

Magneto-Optical Spectra of Ordered and Disordered FePt Films Prepared at Reduced Temperatures
K. Sato, A. Mizusawa, K. Ishida, T. Seki, T. Shima, and K. Takanashi……297

Measurement of MOKE Hysteresis Loop Using Non-uniform Sampling
Z. Li, Z. Y. Li, X. M. Cheng, F. Jin, and Z. X. Huang……301

Magnetism and Spin Dynamics
Combined Magnetic Force Microscopy and Magnetoresistance Measurements for Studying Mesoscopic Ferromagnetism (Invited Paper)
D. Buntinx, A. Volodin, and C. Van Haesendonck……304

Comparison of Transfer Ratio of Magnetic Tunnel Transistors
Y. Fujiwara, T. Hirose, H. Omae, H. Nakanishi, M. Jimbo, T. Kobayashi, and S. Shiomi……308

Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropies and Kerr Spectra of (Cr1-xVx)Pt3 Ordered Alloy Films
T. Kato, N. Uno, Y. Fujiwara, S. Tsunashima, and S. Iwata……310

Dynamic Observation of Domain Shrinking Speed Over Walker’s Limit
F. Izawa, S. Ozawa, A. Tsukamoto, K. Nakagawa, and A. Itoh……314

Purely Magnetization-Induced Second-Harmonic Generation in Thin Garnet Films
F. Hansteen, O. Hunderi, T. H. Johansen, A. Kirilyuk, and Th. Rasing……318

Excitation of Coherent Spin Waves in GdFeCo Film
A. Tsukamoto, K. Nakagawa, A. Itoh, A. Kimel, A. Tsvetkov, H. Awano, N. Ohta, A. Kirilyuk, and Th. Rasing……322

MCD Measurement at the Tb M4,5-Edges of Tb17FeXCo(83-X) Perpendicular Magnetization Films
A. Agui, M. Mizumaki, T. Asahi, J. Sayama, K. Matsumoto, T. Morikawa, T. Nakatani, T. Matsushita, T. Osaka, and Y. Miura……326

Magnetic and Magneto-Optical Devices
Variable Magneto-Optical Devices for Fiber-Optic Communication Systems (Invited Review Paper)
H. Umezawa and T. Kato……330

Magnetooptical Switches (Invited Paper)
Y. S. Didosyan, H. Hauser, and G. A. Reider……334

Highly Efficient (Cd, Mn)Te Waveguide for Integrated Magneto-Optical Isolator (Invited Paper)
M. C. Debnath, V. Zayets and K. Ando……339