Vol. 3, No. 2 May 2003 Contents

Effect of Pressure on the Electrical Resistivity of YbBe13
G. Oomi, M. Ohashi, T. Sawamura, T. Kagayama, A. H. Lacerda, and J. L. Smith……35

Magnetic and Structural Properties of Fe3Pt Thin Films
M. A. I. Nahid and T. Suzuki……39

Magnetic Field Imaging by Scanning Magnetoresistance Microscope with MR Cantilever
M. Nakamura, T. Takezaki, K. Sueoka, and K. Mukasa……43

Cylindrical Magnetic Shield Consisting of Two C-Shaped Blocks with Magnetic Shaking Enhancement
K. Tashiro and I. Sasada……47

Switching Behavior of Patterned Ni80Fe20 Islands
S. H. Liou, L. Yuan, L. Gao, C. D. Chen, S. F. Lee, and Y. D. Yao……51

High-frequency Properties of CoZrNb/Fe-C Multilayer Films
K.-K. Choi, T. Murase, T. Yokoshima, T. Osaka, Y. Kitamoto, and Y. Yamazaki……55