J.Magn.Soc.Jpn Vol.42 No.2 PDF版


Magnetic Recording

  • Basic Study of Electric Field Induced Magnetization Reversal of Multiferroic (Bi1−xBax)FeO3 Thin Films at Room Temperature for Magnetic Recording Technology
                 ・・・・・・・S. Yoshimura, Y. Sugawara, G. Egawa, and H. Saito
  • Writing Field Amplitude in Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording   
                 ・・・・・・T. Kobayashi, Y. Nakatani, K. Enomoto, and Y. Fujiwara

Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials

  • Relationship Between Bulk Coercivity and Coercivity of Surface Layer in Nd-Fe-B-Based
    Sintered Magnet      ・・・・・・・・・T. Maki, R. Ishii, M. Natsumeda, and T. Nishiuchi
  • Influence of Misorientation Angle Between Adjacent Grains on Magnetization Reversal
    in Nd-Fe-B-Based Sintered Magnet
      ・・・・・・・T. Maki, R. Uchikoshi, R. Ishii, M. Natsumeda, T. Nishiuchi, and M. Takezawa

Thin Films, Fine Particles, Multilayers, Superlattices

  • Structure Characterization of Fe, Co, and Ni Thin Films Epitaxially Grown on GaAs(111) Substrate     ・・・・・・・T. Soda, S. Minakawa, M. Futamoto, M. Ohtake, and N. Inaba

Spin Electronics

  • Theoretical Study on Magnetic Tunneling Junctions with Semiconductor Barriers CuInSe2 and CuGaSe2 Including a Detailed Analysis of Band-resolved Transmittances
                              ・・・・・・・・・K. Masuda and Y. Miura

Biomagnetism / Medical Applications

  • Evaluation of Dispersibility in Liquid and AC Magnetization Properties of Polyion
    Complex-coupled Magnetic NanoParticles 
      ・・・・・・G. Shi, S. B. Trisnanto, K. Nakai, S. Yusa, T. Yamada, S. Ota, and Y. Takemura
  • Power Supply for Medical Implants by Wiegand Pulse Generated from Magnetic WireMSJ論文奨励賞
                 ・・・・・・K. Takahashi, A. Takebuchi, T. Yamada, and Y. Takemura
  • Dynamic Hysteresis Measurement of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Aligned Easy Axes             
                     ・・・・・・・R. Takeda, S. Ota, T. Yamada, and Y. Takemura


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