Vol. 4, No. 1 February 2004 Contents

Nano-patterned Medium Fabricated by the Artificially Aligned Self-Assembling Method
A. Kikitsu, Y. Kamata, H. Hieda, M. Sakurai, K. Asakawa, and K. Naito……1

In-situ Experiment of Lorentz TEM and Magnetoresistance Measurements on a Permalloy Thin Film
M. Arita, K. Hamada, T. Ono, and A. Okada……9

Monte Carlo Study of the Thermal Fluctuation of Magnetic Fine Particles with L10-Type Structure
C. Mitsumata……13

Inter-granular Magneto-resistance of Half-Metallic Ferromagnet CrO2 with Cr2O5 Barriers
Y. Kimishima, M. Uehara, Y. Satoh, and T. Sasaki……17

Large Area Fabrication of Co Particles by Ion-Beam-Induced Chemical Vapor Deposition (IBICVD)
Y. Kageyama and T. Suzuki……21

High-Field Torque Measurement of FePt Nanoparticles
H. Sakuma, H. Nishio, Y. Kitamoto, Y. Yamazaki, and H. Yamamoto……24

Finite-Element Capacitance Calculation and Spin-dependent Transport Modeling of Double Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
M. B. A. Jalil, C. W. Kim, Y. Takemura, and J. Shirakashi…..28

Optical Magnetic Field Probe Consisting of a Loop Antenna Element and an Electro-Optic Crystal
E. Suzuki, S. Arakawa, H. Ota, K-I. Arai, and R. Sato…..34

GMR Sensor Utilization for PCB Inspection Based on the Eddy-Current Testing Technique
K. Chomsuwan, Y. Fukuda, S. Yamada, M. Iwahara, H. Wakiwaka, and S. Shoji…..39