Vol. 2, No. 4 October 2002 Contents

Prospects for New Storage Technologies in the Age of Communication-Broadcasting Fusion (Invited Review Paper)
H. Oshima……..121

New Trends and Technical Challenges in Optical Storage (Invited Review Paper)
B. Bechevet……..126

MO Effects and MO Devices
Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors for Magneto-Optical Applications (Invited Review Paper)
V. Zayets, R. Akimoto, H. Saito, and K. Ando……..131

Magneto-Optical Study of Ferromagnetic Nanostructured Materials and Thin Films (Invited Review Paper)
R. V. Pisarev, V. V. Pavlov, and A. V. Kimel……..136

Ab Initio Calculations of Magneto-optical Effects (Invited Paper)
J. Kuneš and P. M. Oppeneer……..141

Resent Development of Magneto-Optical Devices (Invited Review Paper)
N. Nakamura……..147

Quadratic Magneto-Optic Effects in Reflection from Uniaxial Crystals
K. Postava, J. Pištora, S. Višñovský, D. Hrabovský, and T. Yamaguchi……..151

Particles Size Dependence of Faraday Rotation in Maghemite Ferrofluid
F. Royer, D. Jamon, J. J. Rousseau, V. Cabuil, D. Zins, H. Roux……..155

Dependence on γ-Fe and Cu Thickness of Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect for [γ-Fe/Cu] Epitaxial Multilayers
D. Higashida, Y. Ando, L. Lin, M. Doi, H. Asano, and M. Matsui……..158

Nonlinear Diffraction by Two-Dimensional Magnetic Photonic Crystal (Magnetic Bubble Lattice)
I. L. Lyubchanskii, N. N. Dadoenkova, M. I. Lyubchanskii, E. A. Shapovalov, A. E. Zabolotin, and Th. Rasing……..160

Volterra Analysis of the Non-Linear Magneto-Optic Recording Channel
C. Tannous and J. Gieraltowski……..163

Magnetooptical and Reflectivity Studies in SrTiO3
K. Sato and T. Ishibashi……..167

Magneto-Optical Spectra of Single Crystalline CoCrPt Films between 1.2 and 6 eV
K. Sato, M. Hosoba, S. Shimizu, K. Terayama, and M. Futamoto……..171

Magnetic Nanostructures Patterned by Focused Ion Beam in an Ultrathin Pt/Co/Pt Film
R. Hyndman, A. Mougin, V. Repain, J. Ferré, J. P. Jamet, J. Gierak, D. Mailly, C. Chappert, V. Mathet, P. Warin, and J. N. Chapman……..175

Modelling of Two-Dimensional Magnetooptical Gratings
J. Vlcek, J. Pištora, D. Ciprian, T. Yamaguchi, and K. Postava……..179

Materials, Film Deposition, and Characterization
Multilayed Transmissive Disc (Invited Review Paper)
J.-C. Lehureau and J. Colineau……..183

Performance of an Electron Beam Recorder for Disk Mastering (Invited Paper)
M. Katsumura, Y. Hosoda, H. Nishiwaki, K. Yamato, T. Higuchi, Y. Kojima, Y. Wada, T. Iida, and F. Yokogawa……..188

Magnetic Characteristics of TbFeCo/FePt Double Layer for MO Recording
Y. Itoh, M. Takeuchi, A. Tsukamoto, K. Nakagawa, A. Itoh, and T. Katayama……..194

Spinel Oxides Thin Films for Write-Once Optical Recording with Blue Laser Sources
P. Tailhades, L. Presmanes, I. Pasquet, C. Bonningue, and F. Laporte……..198

Magnetic and Mössbauer Studies of Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Nanocrystalline Gd-Fe Films
N. H. Duc, A. Fnidiki, F. Richomme, N. T. Huy, and J. Teillet……..202

Exchange Couplng in Fe/FeSi/Si/FeSi/Fe Structures with Combined Spacers
R. R. Gareev, D. E. Bürgler, M. Buchmeier, R. Schreiber, and P. Grünberg……..205

Deposition of Multilayers Using Fast Switching Triple Ring Magnetron Cathode
B. Cord, O. Keitel, H. Rohrmann, and K.-H. Schuller……..207

Superior Film Composition Uniformity and Adjustable Composition for the Next Generation MO Technology
O. Rattunde, M. Dubs, H. Rohrmann, V. Schlegel, and T. Eisenhammer……..211

Magneto-Optic Laser Deposited Bi3Fe5O12/Gd3Ga5O12(111) Films: Characterization and Imaging
S. Flament, Warsito, L. Mechin, C. Gunther, K. Kawano, G. Kong, R. A. Chakalov, J. S. Abell, S. Kahl, S. I. Khartsev, and A. M. Grishin……..214

Developing the Potential of Plasmon Enhancement in Perpendicular (PtCo Multilayer) Magneto-Optic Recording Media
D. M. Newman, R. J. Matelon, and M. L. Wears……..216

Spectroscopic Studies of Thin Film Electron Trapping Optical Memory Media (CaS: Eu, Sm)
D. M. Newman, J. Wu, and I. V. Viney……..220

Signal Non-Linearities and Their Effect upon the Data Recovery Process in High-Density Optical Storage
P. W. Nutter, C. D. Wright, I. Gonzales-Arcelus, and S. D. Jepson……..224

Measurement and Observation
Stereo-Microscopy of Atomic Arrangements on Thin Films Using Circular Dichroism in X-Ray Photoelectron Angular Distribution (Invited Review Paper)
S. Okamoto, A. Nakamoto, S. Hayashi, K. Fukumoto, T. Nakatani, T. Matsushita, K. Hattori, and H. Daimon……..228

Imaging Magnetic Microstructures of with Soft X-Ray Microscopies
P. Fischer, G. Denbeaux, F. Nolting, D. Goll, T. Eimüller, C. Quitmann, and G. Schütz……..234

Hard X-Ray Magnetic Linear Dichroism Imaging
K. Sato, Y. Ueji, K. Okitsu, T. Matsushita, J. Saito, T. Takayama, and Y. Amemiya……..238

Magneto-Optic Observation on Micron-sized Periodic Structure
D. Hrabovský, D. Ciprian, J. Jaworowicz, M. Gmitra, D. Horváth, I. Vávra, A. R. Fert, and J. Pištora……..240

Visualization of Magnetic Structures in Superconductors and Magnetic Materials Using Magneto-Optical Garnet Films
M. V. Indenbom, L. S. Uspenskaya, C. J. van der Beek, and A. Konczykowski……..244

Magneto-Optic and Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Directly Patterned Magnetic Films
N. I. Polushkin and K. V. Rao……..248

Domain Physics and Dynamics
Femtosecond Laser Pulse Induced Magnetization Reversal: Towards Thermo-Magnetic Writing at THz Rates (Invited Paper)
J. Hohlfeld, E. Jurdik, T. Gerrits, H. Awano, N. Ota, and Th. Rasing……..252

Dynamic Observation of Wall Speed in MAMMOS Reading Layer (Invited Paper)
A. Itoh, M. Akiyama, T. Ishikawa, and K. Nakagawa……..258

Simulations for Recording Processes of Crescent-Shape Domain in MO Media
A. Tsukamoto, K. Sekine, K. Iimura, K. Nakagawa, and A. Itoh……..264

Dynamical Properties of Magnetization Reversal of (Ga, Mn)As Layers Studied by MOKE Measurements
D. Hrabovský, E. Vanelle, A. R. Fert, J. P. Redoules, J. Sadowski, J. Kanski, and L. Ilver……..268

Simulation of Thermomagnetic Recording Process Using Magnetic Field Modulation Method
T. Koyama, T. Kato, S. Iwata, and S. Tsunashima……..271

Two-Inch-Diameter Magneto-Optical Disk System with 3 GB Capacity and 24 Mbps Data Transfer Rate Using a Red Laser (Invited Paper)
M. Birukawa, Y. Hino, K. Nishikiori, K. Uchida, T. Shiratori, T. Hiroki, Y. Miyaoka, and Y. Hozumi……..273

Read/Write Characteristics of Zero Field MAMMOS (Invited Review Paper)
K. Mitani, H. Watanabe, N. Takagi, H. Noguchi, N. Mamiya, H. Terasaki, H. Awano, M. Sekine, M. Tani, O. Ishizaki, and K. Shimazaki……..279

Signal Processing for the MAMMOS Channel (Invited Review Paper)
A. H. J. Immink, M. W. Blüm, C. A. Verschuren, and H. W. van Kesteren……..285

“iD PHOTO” for Mobile Storage
Y. Suzuki, S. Tanaka, S. Ichiura, H. Takao, and S. Ohnuki……..290

Toward Tiny Domains Less Than 1/10 of a Laser Beam Spot, -Zero Field MAMMOS-
M. Tani, K. Inoue, M. Sekine, S. Imai, H. Awano, K. Shimazaki, and N. Ota……..294

Analysis of MAMMOS Readout from Crescent Domains Using a Blue Laser
S. Imai, Y. Nakatani, H. Awano, O. Ishizaki, and N. Ota……..297

Modelling the MAMMOS Record and Readout Processes
M. K. Loze, C. D. Wright, R. Atkinson, and W. W. Clegg……..300

The Recording of Tiny Marks Less Than 100 nm on Magneto-optical Medium Sputtered From RE-TM Alloy Target
M. Murakami, T. Sakaguchi, Y. Kawaguchi, M. Birukawa, T. Hiroki, Y. Hozumi, T. Shiratori, and E. Fujii……..304

Asymmetric Run Length Constraints for Increased Resolution and Power Margin in MAMMOS Readout
C. A. Verschuren and H. W. van Kesteren……..308

A New Type Center Aperture Detection Magnetically Induced Super-resolution Disk Using Exchange-Coupling Force
Y. Tanaka and Y. Muto……..312

Combined Optical and Magnetic Technologies
Issues in the Design of Media for Hybrid Recording (Invited Paper)
T. W. McDaniel and W. A. Challener……..316

Effects of Optical Spot/Magnetic Head Misalignment for Perpendicular Hybrid Magnetic Recording Systems (Invited Review Paper)
T. Rausch, P. Herget, A. Itagi, D. D. Stancil, J. A. Bain, J.-G. Zhu, and T. E. Schlesinger……..322

High Density Recording Capability of Laser-Assisted Magnetic Recording
K. Kojima, S. Miyanishi, J. Sato, K. Takayama, H. Fuji, H. Katayama, and K. Ohta……..328

Near Field Recording
Near Field MO Recording System (Invited Paper)
S. Kim, J.-M. Park, H. Jeong, J.-Y. Kim, J.-H. Kim, and N. Kim……..330

Spatial Light Distribution in Magneto Opical Multilayered Systems for High Numerical Aperture and Solid Immersion Lens Focusing: Influence on Thermal and MO Effects (Invited Paper)
A. Lagrange, L. Poupinet, C. Armand, and B. Bechevet……..336

Design of Optical Flying Head for Near-Field Recording
S. Kim, Y. Kim, J.-M. Park, J.-Y. Kim, J.-K. Lee, K.-H. Chung, and D.-E. Kim……..341

Near Field Optics-Solid Immersion Lens with Magnetic Field Modulation for Magneto-Optical Recording
R. Sbiaa, T. Suzuki, and E. Ahmad……..345

Near-Field Magneto-Optical Media
J.-H. Kim, S. Kim, J.-K. Lee, K.-H. Chung, and D.-E. Kim……..348

Author Index (Vol. 2, No. 4)……..352