Abstract Submission (Application for Presentation)
Deadline: June 6, 2013, 24:00(JST)
  • The following three steps are required to submit the abstract and to make a presentation application.
  • To check the registrations, click the "Registration Inquiry" button below.
  • To revise or cancel the registrations, click the "Change or Cancellation" button below.
  • If you intend to make more than one presentations, you need to follow the application procedure "Step 1:Register the applicant", and "Step 2:Register the abstract" for each presentation.("Step 3:Conference participation application" should not be repeated.)
Step1: Register the applicant

Click the "Applicant Registration" button and enter the name,membership ID number, e-mail address and password of the applicant on the form.
Please see the colophon of the journal MSJ No.4 for the password.
Confirm the registrations carefully before send the form.

Web receipt number will be sent automatically to the e-mail address entered on the form. The respective receipt number is given to each applicant.

*The application is not completed only by registering the applicant.

Receive the notification e-mail and confirm your Web receipt number.

Step2: Register the abstract

In this step you are required to enter the information of authors and presentation contents, and upload the abstract file. Click the "Abstract Submission" button below and fill in the form.
When the procedure is completed, the notifying e-mail will be sent automatically to the address you entered in the previous step.

*To revise the abstract, click the "Change or Cancellation" button below.
Please do not repeat from the step 1, as it will register your presentation double.

Abstract Submission

Receive the notification by e-mail and confirm the registrations carefully.

Step3: Conference Participation Application

Fill in the postal money order form attached to the journal No.7, 2013 and pay the participation fee at the postal office.
Please see the page "Forum Guidelines" for more detailed.

*Presenters are also required to make an application for participation at conference (= pre-register participation).

Abstract Submission (Application for Presentation) is completed.
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