Only LCD projectors will be provided. Authors are expected to bring their presentation on their own laptop computers along with a backup copy on a USB Drive in case of laptop failure.

  • LCD projectors accept standard VGA 15pin input.
  • It is important to stop at the Practice-Room before your scheduled presentation day and time to assure your presentation operates successfully in the onsite environment.
  • The time allocated for the oral presentation speakers is including 4 minutes for discussion. The first bell will ring 3 min. before the finishing of your talk. The second bell will notice you the time to finish the talk. Please conclude your talk immediately, when the second bell has been rung.
General presentation
Symposium presentation
10 min. talk + 4 min. discussion
25 min. talk + 4 min. discussion
1st bell
7 min.
22 min.
2nd bell
10 min.
25 min.

The Magnetics Society of Japan

5th floor, Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijyo Ogawamachi Bidg. 2-8 Kanda Ogawamachi, Ciyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052, Japan

Tel; +81 3-5281-0106
Fax; +81 3-5281-0107

This society is suitable for students and professionals who study the wide range of magnetic related fields. Applied Magnetics, magnetic Recording, Thin Films, Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials, Physics of Magnetics, Magneto-Optics, Biomagnetics and many other fields.