Types of presentation
Oral presentation
  • Ten minutes for a presentation plus 4 minutes for discussion.
  • Only LCD projectors with PC will be available for oral presentations.
When you submit your digest, following items must be included:
  1. Two subject categories from the category list
  2. Title of your presentation,
  3. Names and affiliations of all authors,
  4. A representative author,
  5. A corresponding author and his e-mail address.
Instructions for preparation of electronic files

Only the following formats are acceptable:

File formats
  • PDF files (Adobe Acrobat is required to make) or
  • Microsoft Word files (Microsoft Word required)
File name
The name of the file should include ".pdf" or ".doc" corresponding to submitting file format.
File size
The digest file size should not exceed 1 MB.
When you make the digest with Microsoft Word, please download the template. Please do not change the format.

→Download (doc)

Instructions for preparation of Digests

A digest should be on one side of a single A4 sheet. Leave 25 mm margins at the top and bottom, and 20 mm margins on both sides. The printed version will be reduced to B5 size (or 80% of the original). Figures, tables, and figure captions should be written in English. The digest should include the followings:

  1. Title, authors' names, and their affiliations.
  2. Main text (purpose, method, results, etc.).

The Magnetics Society of Japan

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This society is suitable for students and professionals who study the wide range of magnetic related fields. Applied Magnetics, magnetic Recording, Thin Films, Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials, Physics of Magnetics, Magneto-Optics, Biomagnetics and many other fields.