Visa and Assistance

Visa Requirements for Entry into Japan

Citizens of countries other than Japan must carry a valid passport and visa to enter Japan. Participants requiring visas should contact the Japanese Embassy, Consulate, or Office of Tourism in their home country AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to determine their particular visa requirements. The application process for a visa should be started well in advance of the departure date (preferably two months). The Secretariat can issue a signed letter of invitation and necessary documents to those participants who have completed both the registration and payment, and need a visa. Once you have registered AND made your payment, download the Application Form for the Invitation Letter from the ICAUMS 2012, fill in all appropriate items, and mail it to the ICAUMS 2012 Secretariat. Upon confirmation of payment, the Invitation Letter will be issued and mailed to you. Be sure to provide your full name and complete mailing address so that the signed Invitation Letter can then be mailed to you via standard mail service.
PLEASE NOTE that the ICAUMS 2012 Secretariat CANNOT contact or intervene with any Japanese Embassy or Consulate office abroad on your behalf.

To apply for a letter of invitaion, applicants MUST complete payment of registration fee in advance. Application will not be authorized unless the payment is confirmed by the Secretariat.

Please be informed that a letter of invitation does not imply a commitment from the conference organizer in providing the applicants with financial support in any form.

Please see the following information about a list of nationals of countries that have "Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements" with Japan:Japan National Tourist Organization (