Activities of MSJ

  • Annual Conference;
    MSJ had one national meeting annually, almost 600 researchers are discussing to 400 represented papers over 4 days.
  • Publications; MSJ publishes Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (in English, bimonthly), and Transactions of the Magnetics Society of Japan (in Japanese, twice a year).
  • Other activities;
    MSJ has 5 topical symposium and 8 technical meetings and various educational seminars (summer school et al.) annually.

(1) Topical Symposium
Topical symposia are held to investigate current topics related to magnetism, for example, “Progress of magnetetic physics ralated to light, heat and electric conduction”.
(2) Technical Meetings
Special meetings are organized to discuss important magnetics-related applications, for example, “Biomagnetics”,”Spinelectronics”,….
(3) Summer School
4 day Summer school is held each year at which attendee can learn fundamentals of magnetism and applied magnetics.
(4) Iwasaki Conference
The Iwasaki Conference based on the donation of Iwasaki Shunichi (Honorary Member of MSJ), to celebrate 2010 Japan International Prize winner.
This conference discusses the science and technology related to magnetism and its social integration. We have held five times, now, we are preparing next conference in 2019.

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