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Topical Symposium
Topical Symposium
The 200th Topical Symposium of the Magnetic Society of Japan/The 51st Topical Symposium of Magnetism

The Fabrication and Characterization of Magnetic Materials
- Characterization techniques using large-scale experimental facilities -

In general terms, techniques for characterizing magnetic materials can be conveniently divided into two groups: those that are laboratory-based and those that are available at large-scale experimental facilities. In this Symposium, materials characterization techniques using synchrotron X-ray, neutron and muon beams produced at large-scale experimental facilities, such as SPring-8 and J-PARC, will be introduced.
The symposium will open with a presentation by a materials fabrication expert on the topic of recent trends in magnetic materials research and the potential application of synchrotron X-ray, neutron and muon beams as characterization tools. This will be followed by a series of presentations that demonstrate the usefulness of synchrotron X-ray, neutron and muon based techniques in the study of real materials and describe the type of information that these techniques can provide.
At the end of Day 1, participants are invited to join a guided tour of the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility of J-PARC (J-PARC/MLF).

January 13th (Tuesday), 2015 13:00 – January 14th (Wednesday), 12:10
Room B101, Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center (162-1 Shirakata, Tokai, Ibaraki)
Admission Fee:
Free (reserved readers and students)
2,000 Yen (members and corporate members)
4,000 Yen (non-members)
1,000 Yen (members, corporate members, non-members and students)
Register here ( by Dec. 12th, if you want to join a guided tour of J-PARC/MLF.
In cooperation with:
The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Industrial User Society for Neutron Application, J-PARC Center, The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, The Society for Muon and Meson Science of Japan, The Japanese Society for Neutron Science, The Japan Association of Bonded Magnetic Materials, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, The Physical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society (CROSS)
The Magnetic Society of Japan / Tel: 03-5281-0106 URL:
Masatomo Uehara (Yokohama National Univ.), Kazuki Ohishi (CROSS), Masato Kotsugi (SPring-8)


January 13th (Day 1)
Chair: Masatomo Uehara (YNU)
13:00 - 13:15
“Opening remarks and introduction of J-PARC”
○Kazuki Ohishi (CROSS)
13:15 - 13:55
“Fabrication of magnetic materials”
○Tetsuya Shoji (MEXT)
13:55 - 14:35
“Study of surface and interface magnetism using photoemission electron microscope”
○Masato Kotsugi (SPring-8)
Break (10 min.)
Chair: Kazuki Ohishi (CROSS)
14:45 - 15:25
“Structural analysis of buried interfaces by neutron reflectometry”
○Masayasu Takeda (JAEA)
15:25 - 16:05
“Evaluation of materials using muon”
○Kenji Kojima (KEK)
Break (15min.)
16:20 - 17:20
J-PARC/MLF Tour (Neutron and muon beamlines)
January 14th (Day 2)
Chair: Masato Kotsugi (SPring-8)
9:00 - 9:45
“Evaluation of materials using synchrotron radiation”
○Kanta Ono (KEK)
9:45 - 10:30
“A Nobel Viewpoint of Ferromagnetic Material Evaluation by X-ray Magnetic Compton Scattering”
○Yoshiharu Sakurai (SPring-8)
Break (10 min.)
Chair: Kazuki Ohishi (CROSS)
10:40 - 11:25
“Magnetic materials evaluation by small angle neutron scattering”
○Jun-ichi Suzuki (CROSS)
11:25 – 12:10
“Visualization of magnetic fields in magnetic materials by polarized pulsed neutrons”
○Takenao Shinohara (JAEA)

The presentations will be given in Japanese. Audio and/or visual recording is prohibited.