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Submission of Manuscripts
Rules for Submission of Manuscripts
A Guideline for Preparation of Manuscripts for Submission
A Camera-Ready Format for Submission of Manuscripts
Application Form for Paper Contribution
Field of the Paper
Journal Title Abbreviations
Recommended units
Offprint Charge
Instruction for Uploading Manuscript
Submission of Manusript
Submitted before Sep. 30, 2011
Instruction for Uploading Manuscripts for Electronic Review
You can submit your manuscript on-line using the JMSJ (Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan) web submission system. Please read carefully Guideline for Preparation of Manuscripts, Camera Ready Format, and the following Submission of the manuscript before preparation and submission of your manuscript.
  Submission of the Manuscript
♦ Review stage

Authors are requested to prepare their manuscripts for review in Portable Document File (pdf) format. Please follow the writing style in "An English Camera-Ready Format for Submission of Manuscripts to the Magnetics Society of Japan".

To submit your manuscript, please click "Submit New Manuscript" on the JMSJ (Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan) web submission system.
There are 6 steps to complete the submission. At the 1st step, you will be asked to select manuscript type and research field of the manuscript, and you may select as:

    Manuscript Type: Regular Article / Letter / Short Note / Review
    Research Field First: 1. Magnetic Recording... 8. Biomagnetism /Medical Applications
    Research Field Second: 1. Magnetic Recording... 8. Biomagnetism / Medical Applications

At the end of each step you must click "Next". After the step 6 you should confirm your data and pdf file to be submitted, and click "Submit" to complete the submission. (Usually, it is not necessary to submit covering letter.) Then you will see a temporary receipt number and receive an e-mail confirmation.

The Magnetics Society of Japan will receive your files for review, and will send you a receipt e-mail to provide your manuscript number. The temporary receipt number or the manuscript number is required to login from "Author Main Menu" to check the status of your manuscript. PLEASE CAREFULY KEEP YOUR PASSWORD, which is necessary to login.

After the first reviewing, the authors may be required to revise your manuscript according to referee's comments. The revised manuscript will be submitted from "Author Main Menu". The authors should prepare a RESPONSE SHEET (PDF FILE) INCLUDING THE REFEREE'S COMMENTS, and should upload the sheet to submit the revised manuscript.

English rewrite
If authors request English rewrite (please write your request on "comments to office" on new submission page) or are requested to rewrite English by reviewers, the MSJ provides English rewrite for your manuscript. The manuscript for English rewrite should be prepared in 12-point font, double space, and single column format. MSJ office will give you the instruction to submit your English rewite document. The fee for the rewrite will be 3,000 yen per journal page and charged from the MSJ office.

♦ Final submission stage

After your paper is accepted, you will be asked to prepare final camera-ready manuscript, Copyright Transfer Form, etc. The final manuscript should be prepared according to "An English Camera-Ready Format for Submission of Manuscripts to the Magnetics Society of Japan", and the dates of receipt, revised (in case of major corrections), and acceptance should be added after the Reference section. The dates will be provided by the MSJ editorial office and will appear in the acceptance e-mail.

The author should submit

    - Electronic manuscript (pdf file)

from "Author Main Menu".

Please print a hard copy of your manuscript and fill "Copy Right Transfer and Offprint Order Form".You will be asked to order at least 100 Offprints as a publication fee. For color page printing, extra page charge of 50,000 yen/page will be levied. More detail information will be in Offprint Order Form.

The followings

    - Printed final camera-ready manuscript
    - Copyright Transfer and Offprint Order Form

should be sent by REGULAR MAIL to MSJ Office.
If you have any questions for Paper submission, please inquire of the MSJ office.